Operating Systems

Most computers run Windows. Others run Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, Solaris... and many more. But quite a few people don't grasp the concept of an "operating system", and then you get anecdotes such as these.

Some people in my school were talking about computers.

  • Person #1: "I'm gonna get a new Vista computer."
  • Person #2: "Well, I'm getting a Compaq. I've been using a Compaq for a long time, and I really like it."
  • Person #1: "You should get a Vista because it's better than a Compaq."

From someone who supposedly "made some software":

  • Me: "What operating system do you have on your computer?"
  • Him: "My computer is a Dell."
  • Me: "No, I meant the operating system."
  • Him: "Uh, Office 2000?"
  • Me: "No, I mean the version of Windows."
  • Him: "Windows 97?"
  • Me: "Did you hear that Windows Vista was out?"
  • Him: "It's 'Veesta'."
  • Me: "The word 'vista' is pronounced 'viss-tah'. It says so in my dictionary."
  • Him: "Then, your dictionary is wrong!"

I once asked a teacher in a school about 2 computers they had in the classroom: one was an eMachines, the other an older-looking IBM.

  • Me: "What operating system do these have?"
  • Teacher: "Windows XP."

(I turned on both computers and discovered that, yes, the first one had Windows XP, but the IBM Aptiva had Windows 95!)

  • Me: "This one has Windows 95, and this one has XP. Why don't you upgrade?"
  • Teacher: "Well, the one that has Windows 95 is an Aptiva, so that means that it is like an XP."
  • Him: "My mom just got a new laptop! And it has 512 MB of RAM and a huge hard drive!"
  • Me: (I didn't have my new computer then) "What OS does it have?"
  • Him: "Windows XP HOME edition!" (He put emphasis on the "home", making it sound as if it was the best thing out there)
  • Me: "Well, soon I'm going to get a desktop with XP Media Center Edition. That's the same as XP Home, but with tons more features."
  • Him: "Media Center Edition sucks! Home Edition is much better!"

I once showed my friend Linux. He started browsing through the folders of my Windows hard drive, and went to C:\Program Files\HP Games\Alien Shooter. Then he clicked repeatedly on AlienShooter.exe (a Windows program) and was surprised/annoyed that it would not run.

  • Person A: "How do I find my MAC address on my Vista computer?"
  • Person B: "You need a Mac to have a MAC address, stupid!

"If I run Windows on the Mac, will it open up the computer to viruses and things?"

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 10:14 AM
I often get people trying to convince me that a lower version is better... I'm always laughing on the inside XD
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 4:25 PM
My god, I could place myself in a few of these situations... and I have :P.
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David Staneslow
Friday, June 29, 2012 at 9:37 PM
i can't help but notice, that almost half of these are all of the stupid stuff ive said XD. hahahahahhahahahaha
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